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Rawkstars has donated brand new equipment to support the Music Therapy Program for kids with severe developmental disabilities at the William Carter School in Boston.

“We first became aware of the program through our association with local musician and licensed music therapist, Sarah Blacker.”, says Jonathan Jacobs, founder and Executive Director of Rawkstars.

“We discussed how music therapy was being used to help kids learn basic skills and our Board of Directors thought it was a great opportunity to get involved and lend our support.”

The Arts Therapy Department at William Carter School has a 25 year track record of success working with individuals and groups of children that face a multitude of challenges. Creative arts therapy is a proven intervention which can foster increased independence and competency, improved coping skills, desired behavior change, and enhanced self-esteem.


Rawkstars, Inc., is a nonprofit music organization which provides free instruments, lessons and music education programs for kids in the Greater Boston area.  Rawkstars has partnered with a growing list of local organizations including The Boys & Girls Club, The Home For Little Wanderers and Dana Farber, and The Passim School of Music to bring opportunity through music to kids who might not otherwise have access.

For more information, or to contribute to Rawkstars, visit
Contact: Jonathan Jacobs, Rawkstars, Inc. Executive Director, at 617-750-0775 or


William Carter School:  At the Carter School art, music, drama and dance-movement activities are used initially as a point of contact that provides the motivation towards greater exploration of the student’s capabilities.  These methodologies make use of each person’s natural curiosity or expression and builds on existing strengths while engaging them in developmental tasks.


March 2011 Newsletter

Check out the latest edition of the Rawkstars newsletter.  It includes news about our upcoming event and newest student project.


4th Annual Rawkshow Announced


Tickets now on sale:

Shadows Fall, Wargasm, Fates Warning, Steel Assassin, All That Remains, Holy Diver, Triphammer, Tongue N’ Groove, Gozu,  Metal:101, HellSpeak, Dark Day Sunday and Auditory Imagery.  Besides being some of the biggest, talented and most respected names in heavy metal ever to emerge from the New England area, members of each band will be joining forces to participate in an epic night of music and charity.

On Saturday, July 9th, musicians from these bands will perform as 4 of the most talented tribute bands imaginable.

Vagabond Kings, comprised of the rhythm section from Boston legends Wargasm and the twin guitar harmonies of Steel Assassin, pay tribute to the music of Thin Lizzy.

Kobra Kai, a super-group including 3 virtuoso shredders from Shadows Fall and Fates Warning are joined by the former All That Remains drummer and vocalist Marc Lopes of HellSpeak and Dark Day Sunday, pay tribute to the glory days of metal.

Maiden The USA, featuring South Shore all-stars Tongue N’ Groove, Triphammer and Auditory Imagery, are joined by John Falzone of Steel Assassin on vocals, to pay tribute to the iconic Iron Maiden.

As the clock strikes midnight, the world’s premiere Dio tribute act, Holy Diver, take the stage in celebration of Ronnie James Dio’s 69th birthday, which occurs on this magical night.  The band were recently connected with Ronnie’s widow and manager, Wendy Dio, after a generous donation to the *Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund*, created in RJD’s memory.  The band also recently returned from an epic performance at Gillmanfest in Venezuela.  Holy Diver will showcase material that spans the vocalists entire career; including classic songs by Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio

Everyone who attends will be entered to win an autographed guitar signed by all the bands, Red Sox vs. Yankees tickets plus swag and prizes from our prize vault.

The first 100 guests will also receive a customized tin of *RAWK HARD* heavy metal condoms, courtesy of ONE CONDOMS, who support local music and promote safe sex.


Rawkstars, Inc., a nonprofit music organization which provides free instruments, lessons and music education programs for kids, will benefit from proceeds generated by the event.  Rawkstars has partnered with a growing list of local organizations including The Boys & Girls Club, The Home For Little Wanderers and Dana Farber, and The Passim School of Music to bring opportunity through music to kids who might not otherwise have access.



For more information, or to contribute to Rawkstars, visit
Contact: Jonathan Jacobs, Rawkstars, Inc. Executive Director, at 617-750-0775 or

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Mia Boostrom releases 2 new tracks

Boston based singer Mia Boostrom follows up her 2009 debut CD “Lately” with two new tracks distributed by Rawkstars Records.  “City Lights” and “Easy” are now available via iTunes or your favorite digital retailer.

You may recognize Mia from her successful run on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, or from her recent stint as spokeswoman for Torrid Fashions.

First and foremost, Mia is best known for her musical prowess and other-worldly singing voice, both of which are clearly displayed on these new songs.   Recorded during the fall of 2010, Mia delivers her strongest, most mature material to date.

“We wanted to help Mia build on her past successes and the recording studio is where she really shines.” says Jonathan Jacobs, founder of Rawkstars, Inc. who co-produced and financed Mia’s first CD.

Once again, a portion of the proceeds from the digital sales of this material will benefit Rawkstars; a Boston based nonprofit offering free instruments, lessons and music education programs for kids.

“Mia is a great example of what is possible when kids have the support to pursue music and the arts.  She is immensely talented, and a powerful role model that kids and music fans of all ages can look up to.”


Rawkstars with Guitars Not Guns

Last week, a new fashion, music, pop culture magazine launched online in the U.K.  “Flush the Fashion” did a spotlight article on Rawkstars and a west coast based organization called Guitars Not Guns; both helping kids through music.  Take a moment to read the full text and see how your support is making a difference.

Full article here.


Rawkstars Records 4th studio release

Rawkstars Records is proud to announce the debut release by ElixirOnMute, entitled EndOFSky.

EOM is fronted by 19 year old singer/guitarist Jordan Ferreira, formerly of the Boston based band, Mindwalk Blvd.

Featured on drums is Thomas Pridgen, who formerly played with Grammy winning artist The Mars Volta.  On bass is Steve Jenkins from NYC, who has performed with a lengthy list of accomplished musicians.

It is the fourth studio recording being distributed by Rawkstars Records.

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Happy 7th Birthday Rawkstars!

Each year on our anniversary, we send out a list of accomplishments, fundraising goals and other milestones.  On this, our 7th year supporting kids through music programming, we decided to let one of our supporters speak for us instead.

The following is an unedited letter from the mom of our very first Rawkstar.  Kevin began guitar lessons with us 6 years ago and this is his story…

“Back in 2003 my son came to me saying he wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  You see he was 10 at the time was a great kid who had a severe stutter and really didn’t fit in with many of the children at school because they just didn’t understand his disability.  I told him we would see, but lessons would be very expensive and an instrument such as a guitar would be as well.  That week I read a newspaper article about a gentleman who was starting a nonprofit to introduce children to the gift of music to help create self esteem, passion for the arts, creativity, and many other wonderful life skills.  We met with JJ shortly thereafter, and Kevin became Rawkstars first student.

I don’t know where to begin to tell you what this program has done for us.  My son has become a stellar student on The National Honor Society, and I believe it all stems from him learning how to listen, play, read, and write music.  His science and math grades improved dramatically once he really began understanding music theory. He began to gain confidence in himself from there.  Once he entered high school he started participating in The Battle of the Bands twice a year.  Not only did he conquer performing in front of others, but speaking and singing too.  To see and hear my son on stage after all he had gone through as a child brought tears to my eyes and to many others also. He has made many friends who share the same interests in music and art that he has, which is great for him socially. What a gift this has been to a young 10 year old boy who at that time in his life was feeling very hopeless and defeated.  He is now an eager young man who is so excited to go onto college and become the person he was meant to be.

If it had not been for the Rawkstars organization, and Jonathan Jacobs, I honestly don’t think my son would be who he is today, and the future of where he is going is so much brighter now.  Rawkstars gave him a chance that completely changed his life.  It was a saving Grace for him.  I appreciate this program, and can only tell you that the opportunity this opens for children is priceless.

Rawkstars is a wonderful opportunity for kids in need. What a blessing it has been for our family.


For more information, contact us at 617.750.0775 or via email,


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Contact: Jonathan Jacobs

Tel. 617-750-0775



Nonprofit arts organization Passim launched Music Speaks, a music education program at Cambridge based charter school Prospect Hill Academy. Passim partnered with Rawkstars, Inc. to provide instruments, music accessories and other organizational support for its students.

Cambridge, MA Fall 2010 – Music Speaks brings music education to the public schools in an effort to respond to the needs of students receiving limited arts instruction. The goal of this program is to help students discover their potential for artistic expression, increasing their self-esteem and overall achievement.

In recent years, deep cuts in education have eliminated music and arts opportunities for students, despite increasing research that demonstrates the connection between arts involvement and student achievement. Prospect Hill Academy (PHA) is no exception, and the collaborative Music Speaks program responds to the need of those children receiving limited arts education in school. Particular risk factors of PHA students include low academic proficiency, an achievement gap, and a lack of sufficient home-based academic support.

Passim School of Music Instructor Janet Feld developed the curriculum for the program, and will mentor Music Speaks Instructor, Michael Isberg, throughout the 2010-2011 school year. Each trimester, 30 students (grades K-3) will take Introduction to Music with Mr. Isberg, which will expose them to musical notes, rhythm, and multicultural songs. In addition, 30 students (grades 4-8) will take Introduction to Guitar, in which they will learn basic chords, scales, and songs on the guitar. Following the success of Music Speaks at Prospect Hill Academy, Passim intends to expand its efforts and increase the number of children receiving music education at other public schools.

Rawkstars, a nonprofit music organization, generously donated 32 guitars and musical accessories to Music Speaks, giving students the opportunity to take the guitar home to practice every night. Rawkstars worked with instrument sponsors Jay Turser and Mr. Music to provide a strong foundation for Music Speaks and will continue to support the program as it evolves and expands into other area schools.  Rawkstars will be filming throughout the program, and will produce a documentary film about the collaboration between Passim, Prospect Hill Academy, and Rawkstars.



For more information, or to contribute to Rawkstars, please contact Jonathan Jacobs,

Rawkstars, Inc. Executive Director, at 617-750-0775 or

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